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A lnwick Castle

Made famous as Hogwarts of Harry Potter fame, also used in Blackadder and other tv and film projects. Currently home to the Duke off Northumberland and family and open to the public for most of the year.


Alnwick Castle Gardens and Treehouse

Created by Duchess of Northumberland with features such as the Treehouse (pictured), the Bamboo Labyrinth, the Poison Garden, The Rose Garden, The ornamental Garden and many more make this a real must see attraction. Very popular with all our guests. Something to suit all tastes.


Bamburgh Castle

Steeped in History, being central to Northumberlands coastal history for hundreds of years. A pleasant day out, awe inspiring castle with amazing views and rooms. Great day out


Alnmouth Golf Club

Located within easy walking distance, a coastal golf course for those budding Tiger Woods among you. A summer day, a sea breeze - as close to heaven as you can get.


Alnwick Town

Historic Alnwick town, boasting farmers markets, local produce and friendly people. This historic walled town has something for everybody. please use the link to use Visit Alnwicks list of attractions and diary of events.


Hadrians Wall

This amazing feat of engineering stretches from coast to coast starting at Wallsend in Newcastle and stretching to the cumbrian coast. The brainchild of emporer Hadrian and featuring such sights as Housesteads Fort shown left.



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